Wild Daisy Yoga is pleased to bring these special workshops and series to Oliver, BC!

Sound Bath

June 12th, 10am-11:15am

Sound has been used as a healing remedy for thousands of years in many different cultures. Healing sound vibrations are said to relieve stress and anxiety, move stuck energy in our bodies, improve our general health and well-being, allow us to tap into our intuition, and more.

A sound bath is a type of meditation, the sound vibrations flow through your body and move you into a deep, relaxed state.. your body is actually being cleansed by sound vibration!

What to expect:

The experience will start with a Palo Santo smudge to clear the energy and invite our intentions to take root. If the smoke from the smudge might bother you, please send me a message as I want everyone to feel 100% comfortable.

You will be invited to lay on the floor (or sit in a chair if that works better for you) and to relax while different instruments are played around and over you. For these sound baths, you will hear me playing a Shamanic Drum, Ocean Drum, Koshi Chime, and Chrystal Singing Bowls.

Come to let go of your worries, move the energy in your body, and tune into a state of emotional harmony, release, and healing.

The value of this 75-minute offering is $25 however I am offering a sliding scale of between $15 and $30. Please choose an amount based on your current economic situation.

What to bring:

A yoga mat if you have one, a bottle of water, an open heart.

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Summer Solstice At Church and State Wines

June 21st, 6:30pm-7:45pm

Celebrate the longest day of the year in this special Summer Solstice offering. This will be a gentle 75-minute flow class to honor the sun.

Please bring your mat, sunglasses and a hat if you need them (we will be facing the sun as it lowers in the West), a blanket, towel, or pillow you can use as a prop, and possibly a blanket to put under your mat in case the grass is wet.

Location: Church and State Wines, 4516 Ryegrass Rd, Oliver, BC V0H 1T1

NOTE: The winery will not be open during our class so there will be no bathroom available. Please plan accordingly.

Huge thanks to Church and State Wines for their generous offer to host this class!

Class is weather dependent and will be canceled if raining.

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Desert Medicine Circles with Raina Lutz

June 24th, 7pm-8:45pm

••Did the last years shake your world views to the core?••

•Share with others in the safety of our desert who are in the same open, flowing, exploratory, seeking space

•Deepen your spiritual practices with ceremony

•Desert Medicine is all about understanding the land around us, and your connection to and relationship with it

•Animism and medicine work is the foundation for the teachings, which is found in cultures all over the world

•Step into a beautiful space and join us in the South Okanagan for a transformative experience

•At this time of tremendous change, our souls long for ceremony. The earth, our civilization are both in such peril that intentional ceremony should be held by anyone who is willing to step in

•Find a circle of caring, conscious people to share with, sink into sound healing, a guided meditation. Come as you are and leave with a full heart, and a gift

•Once you register, a detailed guide will be sent to you with more information on what you need to know before showing up

•This series is being offered as a 3-part ceremony as each builds on the next. It's preferred that you attend all 3, but you're welcome however it fits best for your life

••Step out of your ordinary world and into the sacred••

June's session - June 24 (OLIVER @Wild Daisy Yoga)
July's session - July 29 (OSOYOOS)
August's session - August 26 (OSOYOOS)

$120 for all 3 if paid by June 23.
$45 at the door.

Email rainalutz@live.ca to register