NOV 26, 3 - 4am PST

Yin is a style of yoga that is designed to work deep connective tissues.  Working these tissues in the body helps restore flexibility and fluidity in muscles and major joints.  Yin can be a compliment to an active lifestyle or Yang yoga practice (Flow, Hatha, etc.).  Each pose is held for between two and five minutes.  Poses don’t demand muscle strength and are done on the floor in seated or reclined positions.  A great class for deep stretching, relaxation, mindfulness, and introspection.  

Your teacher for this class is Stella. Visit our teacher page to learn more about Stella.

We will be using props in this class such as yoga bolsters, pillows, and blocks which will be provided by the studio. All props will be quarantined after each use. If you have yoga props at home and would like to bring your own props to class, please bring a yoga bolster and a block. It may also be nice to have a blanket and a pillow.

Wild Daisy Yoga (Entrance at Back Alley Of Building)
6220 Main Street, Oliver, BC