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Sound Bath

Sound has been used as a healing remedy for thousands of years in many different cultures. Healing sound vibrations are said to relieve stress and anxiety, move stuck energy in our bodies, improve our general health and well-being, allow us to tap into our intuition, and more.

A sound bath is a type of meditation, the sound vibrations flow through your body and move you into a deep, relaxed state.. your body is actually being cleansed by sound vibration!

What to expect:

The experience will start with a Palo Santo smudge to clear the energy and invite our intentions to take root. If the smoke from the smudge might bother you, please send me a message as I want everyone to feel 100% comfortable.

You will be invited to lay on the floor (or sit in a chair if that works better for you) and to relax while different instruments are played around and over you. For these sound baths, you will hear me playing a Shamanic Drum, Ocean Drum, Koshi Chime, and Chrystal Singing Bowls.

Come to let go of your worries, move the energy in your body, and tune into a state of emotional harmony, release, and healing.

The value of this 75-minute offering is $25 however I am offering a sliding scale of between $15 and $30. Please choose an amount based on your current economic situation.

What to bring:

A yoga mat if you have one, a bottle of water, an open heart.

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