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Chanting Workshop With Dana and Ken

Come experience how the ancient practice of chanting can bring ease to your mind, peace to your soul, and grace to your heart. Not to mention have fun!

In this 2.5-hour workshop, we will explore the power of our voices to create vibrations of peace, compassion, and love. No experience is necessary, and a singing voice is definitely NOT required. Each of us has a unique and beautiful sound and this practice helps us to own our voices and use them to create good in this world.

So please come. The world needs your voice.

About Dana:

Dana, a retired physiotherapist, is a lifelong student. Her education and training include 200hr and 300 hr YTT, an Interfaith Certificate in Applied Spiritual Counselling, the 2 year Living School Program at theCentre for Action and Contemplation, Trauma-Informed Yoga Training, Yin Yoga certification, Pain CareYoga and Advanced Pain Care Yoga certification and she has completed a 360 hour mentorship in PainScience with Neil Pearson. She is also a Pain Care Aware Trainer, teaching yoga teachers how to make their classes accessible to all.

In addition to teaching yoga and pain science education, she leads spiritual practices workshops/retreats, and community-based recovery classes. She and her husband, Ken are avid chanters and love to lead Kirtans. Dana hopes her passion to be of service, her compassionate heart and her knowledge of the body, along with her experience as someone who has lived with chronic pain, survived cancer, and her lifelong quest for the “holy grail” will offer a supportive, compassionate and joyful yoga experience.

About Ken:

The first time I went to a chant, I thought I arrived on another planet, people sitting cross-legged on a yoga studio floor, singing together in the strangest language I had ever heard. I must have felt something because I went the next week, the week after and this went on nearly every Friday for about 7 years. This was a far cry from my choir days at a Catholic school and the deities of the Hindu faith did not quite align with my earlier beliefs. But once I understood that the names in the chants were different aspects of one God, it all came together.

The important thing about chanting for me was that it was about music and this form of music resonated within me and calmed my mind after busy work weeks in Vancouver. After acquiring a harmonium, I began to learn chants. These chants were not written down in a music form, so I had to listen to them, figure out the melody and chords, write them down and learn to play them on my harmonium.

A breakthrough came when Dana and I went to Dave Stringer’s Flight School, a kirtan chant leader training school. A “Wallah”, a leader of kirtan chants, began to take form, to take flight! Dana was, and is, a tremendous supporter and asset to me, learning to play a djembe drum, and became my co-leader and partner in leading kirtans.

Please note that our studio entrance is in the back alley, not on Main Street. Please visit our location page if you have not yet been to Wild Daisy Yoga.

Investment: $40

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